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Thread: Slow service or non-existant?

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    March 25th, 2014
    Slow service or non-existant?
    I joined SELLFIRE, liked it and decided to upgrade. Nope, invalid API key..
    Forum indicated they had to reset the key so...

    I opened a problem with SELLFIRE support about 5 days ago and have had no response, zero, zilch.. that is after several emails detailing the problem.

    Is this normal for SELLFIRE? If so, is there an alternative that has decent service?

    I really like what the program offers but if you can't get help why bother.
    Anyone ? What have you experienced?

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    Super Dawg Member Phil Kaufman aka AffiliateHound's Avatar
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    I've always had great responses to any issues I've had. Try a direct email, not through their internal system: support at sellfire dot com

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    March 25th, 2014
    eMail sent, Thanks much!!

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    April 6th, 2012
    Support Delay
    We had an issue with our support system, whereby some of the email requests were getting filtered out. Extreme apologies in the delay in response to some requests.

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