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    Fundamental Requirements For A Successful Sports Tipping Affiliate Website
    Hey folks,

    I would like to discuss the aspects that make a sports betting affiliate website successful and get input and discussion points from those that have developed a successful site and others that are currently in the trial and error stage to improve their site.

    Firstly, what exactly would a visitor expect to receive from a sports betting affiliate site and why would they return?

    1. Regular Tips posted on the website, probably at least 4 days per week so that when they visit there is new content.

    2. Tips should be free. There are too many decent tipsters out there providing free tips that your actual target market neither have the funds or motivation to pay for tips.

    3. A clean, well laid out website.

    4. Betting strategy articles.

    5. Bookmaker comparisons.

    6. A social media presence with a decent number of followers to add a 'genuine feel' to the website.

    7. Other attractions, e.g betting calculators.

    8. Interesting news in your chosen sport.

    9. Community feel, e.g website forum or wordpress articles with comment section

    10. A website that helps the visitor, not one that attempts to sell something to the visitor.

    11. Provide competitions where visitors can win something and allow them to compete against other visitors.

    12. Provide a fun 'tone of voice'.

    I have been considering the expenses required to provide such a website in Year 1 for new affiliates who provide the layout, images and articles but lack the necessary expertise to design a fully fledged professional affiliate website:

    Amounts are rough estimations in euro.

    Wordpress developer including plugins: €800
    Wordpress Premium Theme: €45
    Hosting: €150 (Hostgator Shared Business Plan)
    Email List: €660 (Aweber mailing list, 5000-10000 subscribers)
    Forum: €320 (vBulleting 5 + Mobile Suite Bundle)

    Total: €1,9750

    Now that you have the site you have to spend time and money to let people know about it.

    I would appreciate any input or discussion on what makes a good sports betting affiliate site with a good business strategy.

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    I really thought this topic would generate a decent bit of discussion as it is relevant to almost all the members on the forum.

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    some, perhaps, but those of us who are based in the U.S. are probably waiting for some positive developments on the legal scene.

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    There is still room to discuss the elements that make up a good site even if you live in a country where is it just preparation for now.

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