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    Compliance White Paper
    Compliance within the performance channel is an often overlooked but critical component of any affiliate network’s offering. It is still primarily performed by affiliate networks and in an era of increasing third party platforms, automated technology solutions and agency-led programs, should not be something that is diluted.

    With Affiliate Window tracking nearly 30m sales in 2013 and recording almost $2bn in advertiser revenue across 1,600 retailers, we have an obvious obligation to ensure these transactions are delivered ethically and within the spirit of the performance industry.

    In this white paper we want to offer guidance on the role of the Affiliate Window Compliance Team, its processes, some statistics from 2013 and offer some insights into the main factors that could impact on publisher standards in 2014 and beyond. We also want to arm performance marketers with the necessary information they need to manage compliance on their own programs.

    Download now.

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    Thanks Lisa. Nice article. Always good to have a network highlight rogue and unethical behavior. What were you getting at in section 5.1 here:

    "Pressure from advertisers to resolve the coupon space in 2009 acted as powerful conduit for the
    creation of a self-regulatory framework that accelerated based on the success of the coupon "

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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your message.

    To clarify, in the UK a few years ago there was a move to clean up the voucher code space leading to the rolling out of the voucher code, code of conduct which is upheld by the major networks there.

    For more information you can access this via the IAB's site:"

    Hope that helps, but please let me know if you have additional questions.

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