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    Choosing your business name to register
    I have read that for every product that you promote its good if your domain name matches the websites name and includes the keywords ...

    Im not sure how to go about this because i read that i need to start a website but first i need a business name to register with the sec of state, get a business license, tax EIN and bus bank account.
    I am wondering should I choose a generic business name to register such as
    Globalpro and make sure that I can also get the same domain name then for every site or landing page that I create to promote different products...i would file a dba doing business as...for example...moneymakingmommys and get another domain for that site?
    I know that I have to have a business name...but i cant use the same business name for every product....but im confused about what i will use the website for if im doing landing pages for various products...can someone give me an example of how this is done i would hate to file or register a business name and then realize that it didnt work out with my affiliate marketing methods... HELP PLEASE!

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    if you don't already have a site this is probably all overkill. you can do business in your own name and most jurisdictions don't require licensing or a DBA.

    better to just worry about making a nice site or more that sells and take care of expanding your visibility when you are actually making money.

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    First things first - don't publish in public any domain names you are considering buying - they will be gone before you actually get a chance to register them.

    As for - it's been registered since 1996 and doesn't expire until 2016...
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    Are you thinking in terms of running affiliate websites to sell various types of products? You can register any domain name that is relevant to the type of product that the website is offering (so long as you don't try to use any names that violate others' trademarks). In this case you would only need to get a d/b/a registration if you want the merchants/networks to issue checks payable to "your registered business name" instead of "your name".
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    You can run as a sole proprietor under your SSN until you get large enough to form an LLC or S Corp. Check with a CPA but wouldn't be worried about making $100 a month and having to pay corporate taxes.

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