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    Suggestion needed for coupon site
    Hai all,
    This is my first thread. Seeing the title it may be silly. Many big peoples are there in market. So it is not that, a new site can't come up so big.Just a hope within me "Try it".
    About me,I m 25 aged guy entered affiliate when I was 21 while studying. I earned quite well n settled in life using coupon site targeting good stores. Still I earn though but Google SEO is getting hard. Same time I want to run a good big coupon site in the market. I do research daily on upcoming and trending coupon sites like wanelo,polyvore etc..

    There are many big coupon sites, software packages(I use this lol) and coupon feeds(I hate this). What I need is valuable feedback like what others dont have and we peoples still need those feature in a coupon site.
    I am already working on development from my perspective to present coupons in good way compared to others.
    Also I m planning to launch site without affiliate initially,Once I got good traffic I will use affiliate. And going to update coupons manually(I already doing this with intern students).
    I believe my SEO strategies. I believe myself to start this. Even i win or fail atleast I will have good feel I tried it.

    Hope you guys will give some feed.


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    Hi Jay,

    You might be interested in some of the threads in Couponer's Corner
    Couponer's Corner - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

    Also you might read "Looking for the sure thing" by Seth Godin:

    I've used coupons on content sites, but I've never been an exclusive coupon site. Good luck
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    7 out of 10 applications I see every day are for coupon sites. Why jump into that pile? Why not find something niche and focus on those coupons.

    coupon feeds(I hate this)
    Serves a good purpose but you have to pay for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuck hamrick View Post
    7 out of 10 applications i see every day are for coupon sites. Why jump into that pile? Why not find something niche and focus on those coupons.

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