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    PPC Policy
    I did some searching and couldn't find anything in the forums I have access to, hopefully it's not a repeat topic.

    As a new AM, I'm not sure where I should stand on people running PPC, or what reasons there are to allow or disallow PPC promotion.

    Any general thoughts? Guidelines? I tried reading policies from several programs but they all flat out said, "no PPC", which is a guideline, but short on context.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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    I assume you are an affiliate manager and that we are talking PPC straight to your website? There are a couple of issues.

    1) If you let anyone run PPC to your domain, you will have to make extra sure they aren't bidding on your trademark and intercepting customers that were headed to your website anyway. This type of PPC affiliate is just leaching off of others and provides no value. They can bid on things like: "your trademark + coupon", "", "your trademark", "yourtrademark + product name", etc. Its in your best interest to personally bid in adwords for all permutations of your trademark and also prevent anyone else from bidding on it by filling out a trademark claim with adwords.

    2) If you run PPC, you will compete against your own affiliates, which will drive up your PPC costs. Adwords only allows one ad per domain. So you will be fighting with your affiliates for the privilege of showing that one ad in the SERPS.

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    Thanks. I think I am getting a clearer picture as to why so many programs disallow it.

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