Hello , sorry for my english . I'm Brazilian .

Well , I 'm starting in the affiliate program here in Brazil about 3 weeks and would like to spend my step by step what I'm doing to you more experienced can help me .

1 - First I set up my autoresponder ( getresponse )
2 - I created a page to capture emails
3 - I will start the daily payment of ADS Facebook to campaign
4 - Create a good list of emails .

Well, after reading a lot before you start , I saw that first the best way to get started in affiliate programs would this walkthrough I informed above. But as yet not started and I'm not paying for my Facebook ADS ads , I would like to know from you , what else is missing , what can I do to improve .

I am a beginner and with so many questions about stats value per click , list management and email settings, capture pages and email , domain ... among many things .. all this is sacrificing myself because I have little time available after my work .

I'm going the right way ? There are some essential tools for beginners affiliate ?

What you help me I will be very happy. Here in Brazil we have very little information about affiliates, and things that have paid.

What you can help links, tools, methods, anything will be very useful for me.

Thank you very much.