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    Looks like NJ plans an Affiliate Tax push
    Looks like collecting tax from Amazon isn't enough.

    Christie’s Quest To Tax Internet Sales Could Eventually Reap $300 Million

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    Sigh. Yep.

    Holub noted that New Jersey is one of about 25 states participating in a federal streamlined-sales task group that is charged with coming up with uniform rules for the imposition of online sales taxes across state lines, but acknowledged the complexity of the issues involved.

    “It’s not just a question of what you tax, but how you define it,” Holub explained. “Take, for example, the Twix bar. Is it a candy or a cookie? Twix is a chocolate bar, but it has flour. If it is candy, it is taxable. If it is a cookie, it isn’t. States need to come to agreement on what the Twix bar is. These are the types of complicated questions that need to be resolved.”
    Is this what modern civilization and has come to? Whether a Twix bar is candy or a cookie is considered a complicated question.

    I swear if I could beam up somewhere right now, I would. This puts Monty Python to shame.
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    Same time as the first bill came up in Colorado, a sugar tax bill was introduced. Our legislators went round and round on the same topic. So frozen Snickers bars have a different tax rate than not frozen ones, they had no clue what to do with flourless chocolate cake, and marijuana brownies made them crazy! Yeah, trying to always invent new ways to tax us leads to some pretty silly discussions.

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    Looks like the NJ Nexus Tax is in effect. Glad to say that we have nexus there by virtue of some in-arena sales operations we run, so our affiliates won't be impacted.
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