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Introducing Nuance Power PDF

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Introducing Nuance Power PDF

Nuance is pleased to announce the next generation of PDF solutions that help deliver performance, ease and value as never seen before!

Power PDF Standard – $89.99

  • Convert paper and pdf into Microsoft Ofice documents.
  • Effortlessly create 100% industry-standard PDF files.
  • Search and highlight information in PDF’s
  • Control, view, edit, and print documents with complete security.

Power PDF Advanced – $149.99

  • All the great features of PDF Standard plus…
  • Ability to collaborate with SharePoint and DMS to store and share information seamlessly.
  • Automate PDF and Tiff tasks with a wide range of formats.
  • Specialized features geared towards the legal, and IT professions.

These great products are sure to help improve your customers business and make life that much easier! Pick up your links and start promoting this great product today!

Happy Selling!
Nuance Affiliate Team

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