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    Business name registration with state
    I am wanting to know about these things....

    1. The business name that you use to open your checking account and for your business license and the name you would register with the Clerk of Court or Secretary of State and the name you would incorporate ....


    2. The name you would use for your website (s)and domain names

    Affiliates promote a variety of products so there may be several different websites/domain names that relate to each one...of course I cant use the business name described in #1 because it wont match every site/product etc

    So...I am wanting to know if this is how I should do it.....
    Should I pick a name that is generic for the business name I plan on registering and incorporating..(just to keep it separate from my personal)
    for example premiumpublishing inc (name is taken but only an example)
    So I would use this name premiumpublishing inc whenever I signed up with an affiliate program so that my checks would be made out to this name which will also be the name on my business checking account.

    Then for each niche/website/product/domain that I am promoting..i would file a dba...for example dba digitalinfo and get a domain for that name too. so the dba would be under the premiumpublishing
    I cant register every website name as its own is this the way i would do it....only thing i have to have a website called premiumpublishing and a domain name that matches or can i just use it for the incorporated name and business checkig account...and then just build the sites and domain names for the dba's only. Wow...i hope i didnt make this more complicated. Help would be appreciated...Im stuck on stupid

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    did you even read the responses to your other thread?

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