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    What are incentive Affiliates
    I am new to affiliate marketing. Can someone please explain me what are incentive affiliate

    "if CPA is 50 Dollar and I give 20 Dollar cashback to my visitor" is it considered incentive?
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    There are two types of incentive affiliates - hard and soft incent.

    Hard incent offers something big, usually in connection with continuity programs. Like "try five offers and get a free iPod." People usually don't care about the offer, they just want the free gift so the quality of the traffic is horrible. Most merchants avoid them like the plague, but they do work for some companies.

    Soft incent is more like the Discover Card. These affiliates give something small back to the consumer, like a few cents on the dollar of purchase. Usually not enough to make them buy something, but enough to make the consumer buy something through that site.

    There's a myriad of variations in both instances, but that's the basics.

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