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    Performing Remote Server Maintenance From Smart Phone
    I run windows servers without any HTML control panels. Its just bare metal machines with Windows server functionality. A couple of years ago whenever I was away from the office I made sure I had a small laptop in my car, in my wife's handbag, etc in case I needed to do emergency server work.

    For the last six months I've been using Jump Desktop on my iphone. They support native RDP which allows you to run a remote desktop connection from your phone without installing anything on your server. Now I can do day trips and not worry about carrying a laptop. My iphone is enough for any "quick" server task.

    The Jump Desktop app is available for Android as well and you can evidently setup a RDP connection on Linux. (or use VNC)

    Anyway, just thought I would mention it. I very much like the freedom to road trip, vacation, etc without having to bring a laptop.

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    Sounds like it replaces the page I used to carry back in the day. Would have to carry a laptop and try desperately to find a library that allowed me to jump on the net or a dial-up in my hotel room.

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