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    Here is the situation:

    User A does a search on Google for Train Tickets. He finds my adwords ad and clicks and it sends him to the merchant I am an affiliate of. When he reaches that site a cookie is written to his browser with my AID in it.

    Later that day, User A's wife gets on the computer, does the same search, funds a site with a banner linking to this same web site. The banner belongs to a different Affiliate. She enters the site and orders the train tickets.

    Who gets credit for the sale? Me or the second affiliate? Does the cookie get overwritten upon the second visit? Is this what the parasites do?

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    The last affiliate link clicked on gets the credit which is the way it should be.

    If parasites are at work, they redirect the affiliate link to their's after getting to the merchant's site or if the customer goes straight to the merchant or thru a search engine and and the customer has the parasite plug-in on their computer. This is how it should not be.

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    That's not parasitic, if she goes to another affiliate and click on any of the links on the same merchants that you have, the cookie belongs to the second affiliate.

    Parasite will overwrite anyone's cookie, even she clicks on your links and buy or type the merchant's url, email ad or what ever, If she have the download scums on her pc, you lose all the chance to get commish the merchants that associated with parasite will overwrite your cookie and steal your rightfully own commish!

    What does the COC stand for? <b>Crooks Overwriting Commissions.</b>
    <b>Don't worry! Tracking is infected!</b>
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