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    PPC / CPA training mentors?
    I am after some good sites/ training programs to help me learn PPC affiliate marketing. What are your recomendations.

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    Check James Martell.

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    I would start with something like - they do a good job of laying out all of the basics. I would read through some articles and see what applies to you... Take notes here...

    Then, when you get started in adwords (for example), they are now running a "promo" of sorts, where they are helping with account management. They will walk you through the details on how to execute some of the ideas you have!

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    Frances Mary Krug
    Yep, PPCHero is a great resource. Also, Google (being the elephant in the room LOL) actually has a lot of very good info that can be applied not just to using their free AdWords program, but also to PPC in general. Here's a link to Google AdWords help center which has tutorials, basic how-to, links to a support community, etc.

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