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    Branding VS. Conversions?
    What is most important strategy-to spend the most time on, Increasing Brand awareness or increasing convesion rates? I want to build this business right and be around for the long hall.

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    1) Conversions pay the bills.

    2) Branding increases traffic and with good conversions, increases revenue...
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    Brand building costs $1000's, conversion building costs 100's and pays 1000's.

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    Conversions are where you want to focus most of your efforts in the beginning. Consider rolling a small percentage of your profits into branding from the beginning. If you don't need the profits and really want to grow your business you could sink all of your profits into branding. Be prepared to iterate on your website layout, content, concept, etc if your traffic levels aren't growing from your branding efforts. Nothing worse than spending money on branding when your website isn't sticky.

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    BTW, there are cheap forms of branding that will give you an idea of stickiness. Stumbleupon is an interesting one because you can get feedback on audience affinity for your website.

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