Hello all,

I'm a newbie here, and I have a very puzzling problem, that I was hoping someone would be able to help me with.

My computer has contracted some sort of parasiteware that the newest AdAware and SpyBot: Search & Destroy can't even find. What it's been doing is, whenever a website (most usually a news site, magazine, or blog,) has one of the following (see list below,) words in a section of text, it turns the keyword into a link that, when clicked, fires between 5 and 15+ popup ads at me! When you "view source", the inserted code doesn't show up, but when I opened up my personal web page to edit the HTML, that's when I found the inserted code. The links are created so, when you hover your mouse over them, the URL shows up in the status bar at the bottom of my Internet Explorer window as http://*url of the page I'm viewing*/*whatever keyword happens to be in the text*, so it looks like just another page on that particular webpage.

The words that this parasiteware turns into links are: spending, baseball, auction, the game, mp3, sex, dating, loan, pen**, and a**. (Censored, due to the fact that I'm not sure what the mod's policies are for those two words.)

None of the websites I've visited dedicated to informing about and eradicating parasiteware/adware, etc. list anything like this; my neighbor, who is an Internet Applications Developer doesn't know what is is, nor do his ultra-techie programmer friends at work.

Can any of you folks help me?

Thank you for your time, and my apologies for the long-windedness of this message; I've been plagued with this problem for a couple of weeks now, and it's driving me nuts!