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Thread: Heartbleed Update

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    Heartbleed Update
    As you may know, there was recently a discovery of a very serious vulnerability in OpenSSL, which is used by many organizations, including Affiliate Window, to secure content on the internet. This has been named the Heartbleed bug.

    This bug could allow an attacker to read some limited parts of the memory of the remote server, which can include the SSL keys – the secret data that ensures your connections are kept secure and encrypted.

    Unlike many companies, Affiliate Window employs advanced cryptography techniques to ensure that even if an attacker had managed to steal these secret SSL keys, the attacker would not be able to use this to decrypt other users connections, so your data continues to be protected.

    In order to ensure that in the unlikely event someone has stolen our SSL keys, they would be unable to use them, we are working with the global certificate authorities to replace these keys with new ones, and revoke the old ones.

    No action from your part is required, and please be reassured that your data continues to be protected.

    If you have any questions, please get in touch.

    The Affiliate Window operations team
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