Heads up if you use Real Audio. Twice recently, I inadvertanly opened an ad on the Real Audio window while trying to close it. Once it tried to download Gator scumware, which I was able to stop in time. The second time It installed Speed Blaster, which installed a couple of pieces of crap, TotalVelocity Memory Meter and
MS T-Media Display. I was able to remove the Memory Meter using the uninstall but kept getting popups for days. It seemed to be able to reinstall itself and Spybot couldn't remove it.
Found a site that sent me into the registry to manually remove MS T-Media Display files.

Anyway, careful if you use Real Audio. I've switched to using Windows Media and WinAmp, a free program with Netscape as a safe alternative. I tried emailing Real Audio, but could only get through to tech support which didn't see a problem and referred me to an inoperative email address.