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    Crappy Feeds Thread
    Is there a thread designated to crappy feeds and lazy affiliate managers? If not, can we start one?

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    jacked by sylon
    You just started one. Go ahead and start listing them.

    I'll make it a sticky for you.

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    Pugster annoys me. I'm not sure about the feed, but what comes up on the new CJ link "tool" is a bunch of undated and outdated promotions showing as active.

    For example, "Need a gift idea for Valentine's Day? Extra 25% off on 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry! Code: CJ25SJ" and stuff for Mother's Day from last year.
    or this one:
    " fashion jewelry Buy 1 Get 1 Free Storewide to celebrate 2011 Mardi Gras! Click here and Use code:CJBCJ "

    The list goes on and on.

    Too risky to post - Either I will not get credit because they'll say it is an invalid promo or the customer won't get the discount. Beginning and End dates on promotions should be required, IMHO.

    *Also, CJ should have a way for merchants to remove from the affiliates lists (or view) any text and banners that they want to use again, but are currently not active.
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    CruiseDirect - Can't figure out which columns to put things in. I constantly have to move things around. Sometimes it just isn't worth the hassle.

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    Oh, My kindof thread... Here ya go...

    From CJ:

    AllergyBuyersClub - Last Updated 14 Feb 2008
    Little Giant Ladders (sorry Chuck) - Last Updated 27 August 2008 - Last Updated 27 April 2009
    Princeton Watches- Last Updated 26 August 2009 - Last Updated 26 August 2009 - Last Updated 8 Sept 2009
    Ignatius Press - Last Updated 23 march 2010
    Power Systems - Last Updated 8 Sept 2010
    Nuance - Last Updated 22 Sep 2010
    CPO Eureka - Last Updated 16 Mar 2011
    CPO Delta - Last Updated 6 June 2011
    Global Equipment Company - Last Updated 6 July 2011 - Last Updated 7 Nov 2011 - Last Updated 5 April 2012
    Vitality Medical - Last Updated 26 April 2012 - Last Updated 19 Oct 2012
    TotalHomeCareSupplies - Last Updated 28 Dec 2012
    Kitchen Collection and Le Gourmet Chef - Last Updated 2 Feb 2013 - Last Updated 7 Mar 2013
    NationalGeographic online store - Last Updated 8 Mar 2013
    ZZounds - Last Udated 16 April 2013 - Last Updated 20 May 2013
    NaturalSkinShop - Last Updated 13 June 2013
    Beachcamera - Last Updated 15 July 2013
    FragranceShop - Last Updated 20 August 2013
    Roxio - Last Updated 23 Sep 2013
    The Home Decorating company - Last Updated 5 Oct 2013
    Great vacs - Last Updated 30 Oct 2013 - Last Updated 30 Oct 2013
    Pet Street Mall - Last Updated 9 Dec 2013
    Creative labs - Last Updated 16 Dec 2013
    Reeds Jewelers - Last Updated 24 Jan 2014
    C&H Distributors - Last Updated 27 Jan 2014
    USAPetExpress - Last Updated 5 Feb 2014

    Datafeeds MUST be updated with every pricing or inventory change. Otherwise, we all get accused of bait and switch!!!
    Merchants, any data you provide to Google Shopping should also be in your affiliate network datafeed. More data means more sales!

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    I wouldn't even know where to begin; it would be far easier to make a "not crappy feeds" list.

    The first thing that comes to mind is an apparel merchant who has a category of "globe trotting" (and several other category names that are just as asinine). For crying out loud, just break it down into "skirts", "dresses", "jackets", etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidh View Post
    I wouldn't even know where to begin; it would be far easier to make a "not crappy feeds" list.
    I agree. There shd be a "Feeds one can work with" thread which shd be linked from here with the text, "Merchants, if your feed isn't listed there(Feeds one can work with), then you belong here(Crappy Feeds)".

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