Hi All,

Finally I have started to build a list on Aweber and I want to be able to entice them with a free gift now and then but I want to be able to do it securely.

I have registered a new domain with a catchy marketing name but not yet installed a WP theme on it. I am hosting it on Hostgator. Last night I uploaded a pdf as a giveaway and I can access it OK, but I need to be able to do it so people can only access the giveaway I direct them to and not all of those I upload in future.

Is there a theme I should be using or one you could recommend?

How do those in the know set this up?

Later I will want to be able to host landing pages there too. Is there a simple solution to this? Do I need a theme to control this, or do I do it from within the CP on Hostgator?

Sorry for so many questions and thanks in advance.