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    Reading Keywords’ Future In Interactive Marketing
    Saw this coming with recent changes to Google:
    With the change, advertisers will be more dependent on Google itself for data. The once laughed off “never gonna happen to search ads” comparison to organic Not Provided is suddenly less funny.
    This is going to practically wipe out a segment for PPC affiliates:
    Remember the long tail? There was once a time when search advertisers could buy long-tail or very specific (but low-volume) keywords so the targets of one’s search ad affection could be captured at the moment of exact need. It was cheap and effective.

    Search sites would prefer advertisers buy the more generic high-volume terms and big-brand-budget generic terms. Competition is heavy on the big, high-volume words and so are the costs. When you can buy highly-targeted ads cheap (bottom funnel, last-click-to-purchase keywords) and less-targeted ads (high-volume keywords) are more expensive, the media buying model is upside down. The targeted stuff should be more expensive. The less-targeted stuff should be cheap.

    The days of buying low-volume, highly-targeted keywords are long gone. While advertisers made easy money capturing those cheap, long-tail words, search sites serving low-volume, low-cost keyword ads realized the price-to-value proposition was backwards and effectively cut off the long tail.

    Of course, you can still “buy” low-volume terms (which is to say, you can add them to a campaign) but they aren’t likely to see the light of day because terms that don’t meet a designated threshold aren’t served.
    Thanks Pat Grady for the G+ post!

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