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    My poor MIL has been receiving loads of spam lately (1600 in one day) and today I got on her computer to find that she has Hotbar installed. Could Hotbar be the culprit with the spam? She's smart enough to know not to respond to the emails and I don't think she would knowingly install something like Hotbar.

    My main question, though, is how do I get this off? I've been reading the past messages about Hotbar that say it's hard as heck to remove. I have absolutely no experience in this area, but if someone could point me in the right direction, I know where to go for physical help too.

    Thanks in advance!


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    I intentionally installed Hotbar to test a script.

    I can be kind of nasty. I went to add remove programs and un-installed what was in there (outlook bar, browser bar, etc) Then I used ad-aware and spysweeper to remove the residuals. Of course Hotbar was trying reinstall so I restarted my PC and ran both removal programs twice more.

    As far as I know I got rid of it.
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