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    Hello everyone!
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to this forum as well as affiliate marketing in general. Ive got tons of questions to ask and this seems like a pretty good place to do just that!

    Ive been in the process of learning the basics during the past few weeks but have gotten to the stage where I really need advice from all you experienced affiliates out there.

    My big problem right now is choosing what niche I should target. I have looked at various ideas and have almost settled on 3D printing. From what I have read it seems like this industry is about to become a beast!

    I have done research but can't quite decide if this will be a good niche to target for a beginner or if there are some obvious pitfalls that I am missing.

    All advice will be much appreciated!

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    Welcome to ABW! We're always glad to help.

    Here are some basics to do before locking in on a topic.

    1. Are there good merchants for this product? Do you like their websites? Would you buy from them?
    2. What is your competition like? Are there a lot of other sites out there focusing on the same product?
    3. Use some keyword tools to find out the number of searches for this product? Is there demand? Has the demand been increasing? If so, you could be the one in there first or early.
    4. Do you have some experience with this product? What will you need to learn to become an expert? If you enjoy it, then it makes building the site so much more fun!

    Hope that helps!

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    April 18th, 2014
    Hi, thanks for the fast reply!

    I like the websites that sell the 3D printers. The majority of them highlight the potential diversity of the printers really well. The price range goes from about $200 - $4000+ depending on functionality and other factors.

    Google keywords is showing me that competition is high on pretty much all 3D printer keywords. I have also found quite a few big authority sites that cover the broad spectrum of technology with good 3D printer review pages.

    Basically, the competition is my main concern here. The upside is that there do not seem to be that many authority sites focusing specifically on 3D printer news, reviews etc.

    I don't have much expert knowledge yet so I will have to start from scratch but I'm sure I could learn and produce quality content because I find the topic fascinating and revolutionary.

    The market is growing REALLY fast though and I predict that the demand will go through the roof very soon.

    So I guess my main question is whether or not it would actually be realistic for me to expect to compete with the massive websites at this point?

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