Hello Everyone,

As you can see I am not only new to this forum but also new to the Affiliate Maketing. I have no previous knowledge of HTML or any kind of codings but now I have learnt a bit to edit the HTML codes to the extent of formatting or adding the URLs.

Only came to know about parasites when I read the "Merchants code of conduct" at CJ. Wanted to learn more so ended up here in AWB. And found it to be quiet informative but scary at the same time. Now I am starting to wonder if I am in to the right business?

Actually what everybody is saying is "Affiliates pay (PPC)to the search engines but other people take away the sales", right? If this is happening how all the affiliates are surviving?

I have few questions if anyone can help me out:

1. If the sales been hijacked by the parasites do the clicks appear in the reporting?

2. Does this happen only when you start to use the redirects or it can happen even if I link directly to the merchant's site?

3. If eBates seems to be taking away the sales of other affiliates how come eBates is in the list of Featured Publishers of CJ? Keeping in mind CJ is protesting against the parasiteware.

I guess that would be it for the time being, I would appreciate if someone can help me with this.

Thanks & Regards