Hey guys,

We have something interesting to share with you. Recently we have an ongoing activity for Banggood Watch and Watch Tools Categories---Write A Review, Win A Full Refund! And you might be a winner!

Everyone who has bought a watch product from Banggood.com can join the activity(Use points to exchange for products not included).

More details please see below:

1.How to enter the cash back award draw:
If you have brought a product write a review over 30 words.

2.Winners will receive:
If you are chosen as a winner you will receive,
50% Cash back if you made just a word review
100% Cash back if you made a photo and written review
If you purchased the same product more than once, we will return only one unit price.
If you purchased different products, only the most expensive one will receive cash back.
Every product has 5 chances to win so if there are under 5 reviews you will be a winner.

3. Tips to customers:
The probability of obtaining reward will be relatively higher for new products and the one without reviews, older products with many reviews will be harder to win. We advise you review the products with low or no reviews.
The best reward is for photos and pictures so try use pictures if you can.

If you have any questions about the activity, please reply this thread or contact our Watch Manager lihaosheng@banggood.com. Thank you.

Action now!!!

Banggood Affiliate Team