Idea: I want to create a gamified network affiliate marketing website. 50% of the monetary payout from the affiliate links would be kept by the website to build the business, and 50% would go to a charity of the users’ choosing.

Instead of the monetary payout for purchases, affiliate users would receive points and badges in recognition of click-throughs and purchases they get others to make. Ideally, the amount of social media interactions (likes, shares, retweets, pins, comments, etc.) would also be measured and rewarded with points and badges.


1. Is it legal, ethical, and technically possible to generate custom affiliate links for my website’s users that would track their online influence individually, but deposit the monetary payout for their affiliate purchases in my website’s bank account?

2. What is the cheapest and easiest way to set this up, ideally using open-source solutions?

I really appreciate your time and advice. Thank you.