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    How To Cater To Other Than English Speaking Markets?
    Do you believe there is much potential catering to other than English speaking countries online? Anyone into Spanish or French home remodeling markets?

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    Not me, but welcome back Milan!
    We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Decorative Ceiling Tiles View Post
    Do you believe there is much potential catering to other than English speaking countries online? Anyone into Spanish or French home remodeling markets?
    Spanish. Few decades they will be the majority. So I think a site in Spanish would help. I think davidh awhile back was talking about that, understanding that opportunity.

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    Sure, why not.
    BUT the audience is soooooo different!
    Even if you target UK audience the site should look and feel differently than the US site.
    The China market is huge, Russian market is huge - but their buying habits are different and it takes time to learn it. I have tried different languages, without serious success, but I still have a feeling that I miss the opportunity.....

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    Hey Milan, Affiliate Window does a huge amount of business both in the UK and Europe. Looking over our merchant list, and checking out the country of origin for their transactions, I would say there is indeed a market for remodeling in other countries.

    BellaGeen is right about making sure that you've got the right things in place to communicate properly with those markets, but guidance is available to help you with that too. I've dealt with the same situation in reverse, helping foreign merchants launch in the US, and after a little while you know what the most important items are in doing so.

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    I know the markets are huge, but someone related question for everyone here who's on the network/manager side... do you actually offer creatives (links, banners) that are translated into different languages or do you only provide those if an affiliate asks specifically?
    Trisha Lyn Fawver

    @TrishaLyn | My Managed Merchants

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