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    Angry Inaccurate Payment Summary Report
    While trying to rectify reported sales & commissions in Linkshare with payments received, I noticed there are a huge number of discrepancies in Linkshare's payment reporting. Or, could it be I'm not looking in the right place?

    I tried using the "SynergyAnalytics" "Invoice / Payment Summary" to make sure we are being paid commissions we are owed. But, the commissions shown as due are different from the commissions shown under "LinkShare's" "Sales & Activity" reports. So how much money are we actually owed by our merchants in Linkshare?!!

    And, it also seems that in some cases payments are marked as pending for one month but paid under a different month making it appear as if we are still owed commissions.

    It seems this system is broken and I fear that affiliates are losing money while being unaware of it occurring. I can only go back 6 months, so I don't even know how to tell what is owed from previous months before that.

    Why is there not a better integrated system such as CJ's? Or am I doing this wrong?

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    Hi jamuhn,

    Your Sales & Activity Report is based on Transaction Date where as the payment information is based on Process Date that is why the number's don't match. Also, if an Advertiser pays an invoice, it would be marked as paid and it wouldn't be counted in a different month.

    I would like to refer you to this Publisher Help Center Article that may help you further.

    LinkShare Publisher Help Center :: How can I reconcile my payments with Advertisers?


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    Thanks, Ranae, that makes sense. So, if an advertiser makes an adjustment to their payment, will it be reflected in the Sales & Activity Report?

    Also, as far as an advertiser paying in a different month, I am referring to Best Buy. They made their December 2013 payment along with January 2014, so we are showing the payment for December still pending even though it was apparently paid.

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    LS is a nightmare to reconcile - and I have an accounting background, lol.

    Needs to be simplified AND LS needs to phase out the 90 day return/adjustment window...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    It would be nice if they had some repercussions for merchants who couldn't care less when they paid you too.

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