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    OPM -> Program Spreadsheet?
    Has anyone ever made a Affiliate Program Management Agency -> Affiliate Program spreadsheet? I think I need to get a handle on what agencies manage what programs.

    Also, is there a webpage somewhere that lists all the affiliate management agencies in the US?

    I guess I'm going to get my contractor to make one, but was wondering if there were any good resources for him to use as a starting point?

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    I have a spreadsheet I personally send to any affiliate who signs up for my programs that has a good ranking or well designed site.

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    Donuts has a page.

    As far as what programs we manage, each site should have a list. I do. It's in my signature. The problem is turnover. I add a few clients a year and I lose a few clients a year. It would be chaos managing the spreadsheet for all the opms.

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