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    Hi everyone,

    I run a small software company (I will refrain from linking here, since this is not an advertising thread!) We have worked our way up to a few very good products that make most of our customers happy, and have analyzed our analytics to the point where we know our biggest issue is getting people to the site (my optimistic estimate is that we convert about 20% of our free-trial downloads.)

    I would love to turn our affiliate program into something larger than a handful of affiliates who used the program to refer a friend or two I have a couple questions about making our program attractive to affiliates:

    • Currently, our affiliate program is through our shopping-cart provider. They are reputable, but is that a turn-off to potential affiliates, versus going with a bigger affiliate network?
    • I see a lot of discussion about data feeds for constantly-changing store merchandise. We have a few pieces of software, and release new products rarely. Is this sort of few-product site not attractive to affiliates?

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    Depends on the products. I added you to the AM only forum where you can discuss specifics with other AMs. You can also post your site to the Reviews forum and link to it with no penalty. There you can show it to affiliates and ask their opinions.

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