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Thread: April 2014 Update

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    April 2014 Update
    Here are the key pieces we worked on last month:

    Affiliate Window Introduces Influence Metric into Reports

    In our continued mission to provide greater transparency on the performance channel, we have added a new metric to both the advertiser and publisher performance reports called ‘Assists.’ Assists allows advertisers to see how often publishers contributed towards sales without getting rewarded. Previously we have been supplying this information to advertisers behind the scenes and only on request, but now it will be easily accessible from the system for all partners. Learn more about the metric here.

    The Evolution of Affiliate Window’s Web Presence

    The Affiliate Window website has undergone several transformations since the company’s launch in 2000. For this latest iteration, we have gathered as much feedback from our clients and partners as possible, and incorporated some interactive elements allowing users to quickly and easily identify the information that interests them the most. Learn more about the evolution and access the site here.

    Advertiser Interview: viagogo

    viagogo, the online marketplace for buying and selling live event tickets, is designed to give consumers access to tickets that were often previously difficult to get a hold of, all the while avoiding fraudulent transactions and offering a safe guarantee. With the launch of their US & CA performance marketing program with Affiliate Window, we caught up with viagogo to find out more about the brand and their upcoming partnerships.

    Spotlight on Fashion & Retail

    Apparel & Accessories is the fastest growing category of online sales among nine major categories. A Forrester study estimates both US and European online retail will grow at a 10% compound annual growth rate from 2010 to 2015, reaching $279 billion and €134 billion respectively, in 2015. Additionally, eMarketer estimates apparel sales will grow 16.4% through 2016 versus 13.3% for e-tail as a whole.

    Publisher Spotlight: BluePromoCode

    April saw us shine the spotlight on BluePromoCode. BluePromoCode is a coupon search engine providing quick access to the latest deals, promo codes and discounts on thousands of major retailers. The site provides printable in-store coupons, as well as up-to-date tips and inside guides on saving money. Built on next generation technologies and possessing a mobile optimised design, the deals are accessible on phones and small screens, enabling fast response times and wider browser support.As a partner to over 25,000 retailers across all verticals, the site makes its 800k products and services available to millions of consumers through the BluePromoCode platform.

    The Monthly Digest: Issue 4 – 2014

    Welcome to Issue 4 of 2014; a round-up of the most relevant and interesting industry articles published in the last 30 days. Keep up to date with trending topics being debated within performance marketing, by reading our top five recommended posts each month.

    New launches:

    We would love to partner with you on these newly welcomed advertisers on our network:

    5896 AlexandAlexa

    5699 Next


    Tax Update

    Once again new research has shown that the revenue forecasts from an internet sales tax were wildly inflated. Ohio State University produced a comprehensive abstract based on the empirical evidence of the tax impact, as did the National Center for Policy Analysis and Debate over the tax continues in Colorado but affiliates continue to work with legislators to protect their livelihoods. Amazon began collecting sales tax in Florida on May 1. Compliance challenges remain a hot topic.

    Keep up to date with the hot topics being debated within performance marketing and all the goings on at Affiliate Window headquarters by reading our monthly wrap ups each month. See you next time.

    If you have any questions about any of our updates, please get in touch.

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