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    Product Showcase for All Products
    A tab called "Product Showcase" showed up in my Create-A-Link page. I am wondering how long it's been there.

    The very first line of the product showcase asks for a keyword to restrict the list to a subset of the merchant's products.

    So, I tested several product showcases for various merchants. Because I am forced to limit the offerings by a keyword, the product showcases do a poor job representing what the merchant has to offer.

    When I create a product showcase for a merchant, I want to show some products from each of the major categories offered by that merchant (preferably listed by conversion) to give people a better understanding of the breadth of products offered by the merchant.

    When I want to have a product show case for a keyword, I usually want to show products from multiple merchants. But, I am just that way, you know.

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    Thanks for the feedback as always... couple of things to point out that might help you.

    The Product Showcase is available in an "All My Merchants" mode - under the "Tools Menu --> Product Showcase".

    It is explained in our blog post announcing the introduction of the Product Showcases at Create a Product Showcase for your Blog in 5 Minutes | ShareASale Blog

    In the showcase mode for a Single-Merchant, the choices are via category, or via keyword - as they will only fit say 3-12 products anyhow and so showing all of a Merchant's products we didn't feel appropriate. There are sometimes 100s of thousands or even millions of products in a datafeed.

    However, if you do want to display all of a Merchant's products on your site, my primary recommendation there is to download the feed and thus work with it natively on your site you can essentially do whatever you want at that point.

    It's certainly a specialized creative, one of the many types of creatives available for an individual Merchant - it may not work for you but thanks for taking a look anyhow!

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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