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    GoDaddy Support Time Too Long!
    I manage a hosting account for a local soccer league and it ain't fancy. Needed to setup 13 email forwards. The director gave me the list but three weren't ready to forward so just made them forward to default email. Now when I go back I can't get them to release so I go to the Support tab and research. Wasn't able to phrase it properly (think of Microsoft Knowledge Base) so click on chat. 39 minute wait time, really! Would calling support have been any faster? What do affiliates do when their sites are down, traffic is in and they are losing money??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Hamrick View Post
    What do affiliates do when their sites are down, traffic is in and they are losing money??
    I would venture to guess that ABW members who use godaddy for hosting are not in the majority. Of all the "hosting recommendations" threads that have been posted here in the past 13 years, about 99 out of 100 of them contain stern warnings/advice not to use godaddy for hosting.
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    Most of my sites are hosted by Hostgator and when ever I've had a problem I've gotten right through on chat and I've always received superb help. I recently had a billing issue and spoke to a couple of different reps on the phone and they also were pleasant, helpful, and I had virtually zero waiting time. My one criticism would be that I have never been able to find answers to any of these problems in any help section and have always had to use chat or the phone, but like I said, that has always worked well.

    In the years with them, down time has been less than minimal.

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    I had heard GoDaddy touted for many years but didn't recommend for this account. Not sure who I would go with, probably WebHostingBuzz since I know the CEO through ABW. Blue Host used to get high marks with local techs.

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    I've found quickest reply in the form of Twitter(for site down issues) and Phone way easier and quickest for account management issues.

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    We haven't been able to get emails from them in about six months - checked our servers' mail settings etc - just won't come through. Seems others have had this problem without any resolution.

    Since GoDaddy was sold their services have gone to pot...
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    Frances Mary Krug
    So many of the medium-to-large hosts that people used to choose to handle just one or two websites have now been acquired by a huge global company called Endurance International Group (EIG), such as HostGator, Bluehost, and more than 50 other brands. Since then, support performance is not as good IMHO.

    I avoided GoDaddy and went with Bluehost years ago because of that, but now? Not so good at Bluehost either. There are lots of good, small companies still out there that value customer service more than the huge corporations seem to be able to do.

    As Chuck says, WebHostingBuzz is one, but others can be found (with reviews) on WebHostingTalk's forum, if you are interested at Web Hosting Talk - The largest, most influential web hosting community on the Internet

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    I've never tried GoDaddy hosting - having always advocated against using a registrar for hosting, any registrar.

    For our "smaller' sites we've been using two reseller accounts at Hostgator for several years and have never had a problem. Our most important accounts reside on a couple of VPS units at Servint and have always had great uptime and excellent support.

    Tried WHB because of their presence here - lasted about a year. We had 13 of 15 sites on a reseller account infected with a bad player (bank phishing). By the time c/s responded I gave up and had moved everything. BTW, their sub-forum here has just about died, with only one post this year.
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    I'm pretty sure it was ABW that told me not to use GoDaddy hosting.

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    FYI, I think godaddy still includes a webhosting account when you get (buy) a godaddy reseller account.
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