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    Email List with HostGator
    I want to set up a new website but this will be a case of building up the reputation and the content before I put in much money.

    A feature I have found to be extremely useful to convert is a weekly email that links to a good article on my site and I currently use Aweber elsewhere but for the number of subscribers between 10k-25k that has an annual charge of $1,788.

    I am looking at alternative options for the new site to keep costs to a minimum and as the site will be hosted with HostGator I have seen they offer email lists - additional information here:
    How to Set up a Mailing List in cPanel Support Portal

    I realise that when I transfer this list to Aweber this will require an opt in but I will develop a strategy to maximise that when the time comes so that I can take advantage of all the additional features that are offered.

    Has anybody used this mailing list from HostGator and what do you think are the pros and cons I should be aware of before taking this on?


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    Personally, I find setting up your own mailing list is very risky. There are a few potentially serious problems that you could run into:

    1. Deliverability - professional services like Aweber and GetResponse works hard to make sure emails from their servers gets into inboxes instead of getting caught by spam filters. It can take a lot of effort to make sure yours gets the same treatment by email providers.

    2. Spam complaints - a few spam complains and not only will your emails stop getting into your reader's inbox, but you might even get into trouble with your hosting and even domain registrar. Again, Aweber have their own team dedicated to making sure this doesn't happen to them and they will even personally contact you to work something out if you're emails are getting spammed frequently.

    3. Convenience - Aweber is easily setup, easily customizable with their many templates, and a host of features that they have built up over the many years they've been in service.

    Of course, using your own hosted mailing list have its own benefits too. Perhaps the most important is the lower cost required since you don't have to pay an additional monthly fee for running it. There is also the flexibility that comes along with it -you can set your own email server settings, or use scripts that are otherwise not allowed on major services like Aweber.

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    We found that it was actually more cost-effective to send our varying email lists using a single central marketing automation program. While I currently use Marketo, I've also used Genoo for this purpose.

    Since the pricing is based on your total "bucket" of lead names/emails, you can constantly filter for activity levels, and you can set different newsletters as different radio button fields for each lead.

    My deliverability w/ Marketo is around 97%

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    I agree with the others. Your best bet here is probably to keep it through aweber, or look for similar sites (MailChimp..etc) to use. I previously worked for HostGator and they have a limit on how many emails you can send per hour (I wanna say it was either 100 or 500 at the time)...That means it's gonna take you days to hit 10-25k. Along with that, just a few flags and you could see your entire hosting account suspended.

    It's not worth it. Aweber and the others charge a decent price because that's the kind of stuff they have to deal with. Stick with them!

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