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    Automated and paid up-votes on coupon sites
    I see these tasks posted on freelance sites and think I know what is going on but wanted to double check with the folks here. My guess is that an affiliate gets an exclusive coupon code from a retailer and instead of trying to promote it on their own site, they post it to a UGC coupon site like retailmenot which already gets a lot of traffic. If they can push it to the top via paid or automated votes, the merchant will pay out based on the unique coupon code (and not on the referring site). I don't think retailmenot would get paid anything under this scenario (although they benefit somewhat by the perception of a lot of happy users on their site).

    I think sites like retailmenot used to share commissions with people who post coupons but I don't see any evidence of this anymore.

    Here's some examples (these links may not stay up so I'm posting the content too)

    HTML Code:
    Project Description: 
    I am looking for a freelancer who can upvote my coupon on
    You need to vote it around 100+ times with different computer or proxies. No login Needed!
    Are you capable of doing this? Please message me, 
    kind regards
    julienAdditional Project Description: 
    05/19/2014 at 16:40 EDT 
    You also need to make the COUPON on retailmenot.

    Here's an example of an automated approach:

    HTML Code:
    Hello Photoshopkiller, I see you have alot of experience in voting on retailmenot. I am looking for a retailmenot bot for my own personal use.
    If you can create this bot for me and it works well I will give you a bonus after I start making money. Additionally I will be needing some ALOT more voting work done in the near future, if you can do this for me a decent price I will start sending you alot more work at $30.00 an hour if you are good.
    Additionally you can email me about the details andrewmace760 -at- gmail dot com
    Here is what I need:
    I require software that will be able to vote on RetailMeNot Pages. I must be able to provide a page, and select coupon and then be given the choice to vote it down, or vote it up, this should then be carried out on a mass scale automatically using proxies in (IP:PORT).
    The software should have these features:
    * Should be able to Vote Up or Vote Down Selected Coupon on RetailMeNot.
    * Should Switch Proxy After Voting.
    * Should Switch User Agent Same Time as Proxy Changes.
    * Should Clear Cookies/Cache (This should all be handled in the program and not be reliant on external browsers).
    * Should be able to handle error blocking (RetailMeNot Blocks IP's/Such as Jump to new proxy).
    * Should be able to specify a time gap between each vote. (In Seconds).
    Example Page:

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    Everyone trying to game everyone else.

    Birds of feather...
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    I'm wondering big G bots will be smart enough to detect those fake "likes" and "votes" flying all over the net...

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