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    Do you have business Insurance
    I always thought I was too small to have business insurance. I am a small affiliate. I do it for supplemental income.

    I was once sent a legal notice by another big affiliate in one of my niches to hand over my website and the domain to them for alleged intellectual property rights infringement. Luckily I was able to find an IP lawyer who was able to thwart it. The case didn't go to court. But it did cost me some money.

    With an ongoing discussion on another thread about a legal issue where a case has already been filed against an affiliate, I wanted to start a thread about how many of us have business insurance, how much it costs and also to start a discussion which may be helpful for those who haven't thought about business insurance yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sam_park View Post
    Do you have business Insurance

    I always thought I was too small to have business insurance. I am a small affiliate. I do it for supplemental income..

    ...and according to your sig:

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    This is a good question. I've researched it a bit, kindof expensive and also hard to get covered for just the right things. So for instance, could you get insurance that paid legal fees against a patent troll?
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    Insurance would not pay fees per se, but if you are sued for something for which you have coverage, they would provide the legal defense and pay any damages you could end of liable for, up to your policy limits.

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    no business insurance.

    but I do use an LLC to keep online biz separated from my real world

    in my state, an LLC costs about $100 to create, and $15 per year to keep. cheap enough.
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    Remember this is a public forum - don't expose yourselves too much.

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    I have an LLC in Utah the state I reside in. Looked at Delaware, Nevada and even Wyoming but made the decision to incorporate because I makes taxes easier. Only reason to incorporate in the others is they make it easier to hide your identity and that wasn't something I wanted to do.

    Do not have business insurance but would like to look into it.

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    If I form a llc, can I transfer my current web properties to the llc. Is it as simple as updating the contact info for the domains with that of the llc.

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    I dont have business insurance, But im planning to have one. The expense of business insurance is its main disadvantage for small-business owners, who seldom have a lot of cash to devote to "what ifs."

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