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    Looking for guidance.

    Iím in a bit of a pickle and wanted to see if you might be able to share some insight. Iíve been brought on board to help an Italian jewelry company create their online presence as well as put together a comprehensive advertising program. Mind you the website I can do no problem, and the people Iíve worked with to get the site up are great. They have a bit more work to do, but the site is 90% there.

    The real problem is how to market their products. First I should say I'm very junior at this whole thing. And they are old school but want to go heavy into affiliate marketing. Their plan being to reach out to bridal shops, photography studios and wedding venues and really anyone remotely involved in weddings. I've been told this has worked for them in Italy. The goal is to sign up these shops and offer them 20% commission on anything that is sold through them. That is these shops give out the company's coupon of $200 called ďVenezia CashĒ and if the client eventually buys the shop gets their commission as an affiliate.

    I think financially they are giving an amazing offer when you consider the average price is around $5500, so commission would be $1100 on just one sale. I don't know how they can afford it, but I guess someone did the math and said it was ok. So I donít see any problem with getting people signed up to do this. But honestly I donít know where to begin? Do I email these companies? Do we call them? Are there other affiliate channels that would work just as fine? I know basically what Wikipedia says about affiliate programs and not much more.

    Anyway, hope this find you well, any advice would be very appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Do you have an ecommerce site?
    What is the conversion rate?
    Do you have an affiliate program?
    In-house or via network?

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    Starting an affiliate program before establishing any kind of track record is not the best idea for any business. Affiliates generally want to have some measurements of expectations before dedicating time to new promotions. EPC and Conversion Rates are just two of the basics, but with EPC of ? and conversion rate unknown it is purely a gamble for affiliates. Merchants have been known to open up a website and jump into starting an affiliate program hoping that this will save them the time and trouble of doing their own marketing and without any idea of affiliate management and rather than build their business they can close shop when their expectations meet with reality.

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