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    Hello, First I would like to say I am new to the forum and trying to get an understanding of how to go about finding affiliates to market our products that we sell on Amazon. Our Amazon sales are currently very good but looking for other ways to expand our business.

    Our product category is Pet Supplies and we currently have 2 products that we sell with our 3rd product coming out next week and our 4th and 5th product coming out in the next 30 to 45 days. We are relatively new to Amazon but in a short 5 months have been able to generate over $35,000 a month in sales with a lot of room to grow. Our current online strategy has been ranking our products page for Google, which we have several keywords we ranked first page for and to build PBN's along with our website that is currently being worked on and we have setup social media outlets.

    So my question is how do we get started? We have some very good products but we know to take that next step we need to find good affiliates to promote our products.

    Are there companies out there that will take companies that sell on Amazon. I found one of our Amazon competitors on FindersCheapers and know they do not have a website other than their Amazon product page. So is there a way to set up an affiliate program without an external website other than Amazon.

    Sorry for such a long post but hoping to get some advice on how we can take our sales to that next level and what the process would be for us to take this next step. Plus we understand one of those tools is going to be finding affiliates to market our products. Thank you for your time and thanks in advance for commenting.

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    Hi BRF, and welcome to A Best Web.

    As a long time affiliate (more than a dozen years) I can honestly say I have never even seen, let along promoted, a merchant affiliate program that does not have a web site, except for ebooks and other downloads that are directly promoted through a network such as Clickbank, or as "offers" through CPA networks. But there, affiliates have the benefits and security of a network.

    I think you will have a difficult time taking this route, and if you are serious about opening an affiliate program you need to build that site and establish a presence in your niche, with a viable conversion rate, working cart, proper contact information, Privacy and Terms of Use statements, return policy, etc. Affiliates want to see and need to evaluate a well run merchant site.

    I would suggest, short of creating a site, exploring the possibility of Clickbank and also looking into a few of the many, many CPA networks that abound. Also, I would recommend perhaps speaking with a professional Outsourced Program Manager. There are many active here who have their own sub-forums and they are great about giving you a few minutes of their time and advice.

    One final note - the Intro section is designed for you to tell us a bit about yourself, not to promote a product or program. Why don't you tell use a little about you and your interests and experience.

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