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    Value of Paid Advertisements
    I am affiliate manager at SavileRowOnline and so far we've used Paid Advertisement Post on Abestweb Paid Advertisement Forum. It did get a lot of views which is great but I didn't see any major uplift in affiliate sign-ups during that period when the post went live.

    We are very new program so I am sure there are many affiliates out there that could join but can't say that Paid Advertisements forum helped us in that.

    We are considering Marketplace at Abestweb as well as having own Forum. It would be great to hear experience from other merchants who used it and what were the results they got out of it.

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    I've split your post out and moved it to the Merchant Best Practices forum, as the thread you posted it in was really about advertising on a network's page.

    I think affiliate recruitment is probably one of the toughest parts of running a program. I don't think there is any panacea. It takes a lot of work, time and consistency.

    You might want to read this thread for how ABW can be useful to you:

    One thing I can suggest is that the more active you are here on ABW, the better results you will get from any advertisement. People like to work with other people they're familiar with and trust. It's kind of like when you walk into a food court at the mall. You're probably going to pick a place you're familiar with and/or that has a long line rather than the place over in the corner that you've never heard of.

    Maybe some other merchants can share some things that have worked for them?

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    Jana looking back at your paid Announcement I see that you made the initial post then 20 days later you added another. A Paid Announcement has a 30 day shelf life and with 20 business days a month you could have kept your trademark and products in the face of affiliates. Every post goes to the New Posts link that regulars read to keep up with the forum conversation. Also they get sent to the Home Page in the feed which is seen by newbies.

    An additional benefit is the links that go back to your site from an authority site. That gains you SEO benefits on product reviews that are not duplicate content.

    As for the Market Place, it is a good way to get additional listings for your program especially since your affiliate program is a different domain than your merchant site.

    Would have liked to see some of those videos on the Paid Announcement too.

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    April 2nd, 2014
    Thanks, Chuck, for looking at our paid post performance. I see, we could have done more with it. I wasn't aware of those details you mentioned. We are currently focusing on developing relationship with our existing affiliates to grow their performance and are considering whether to invest into ABW Marketplace/Forum options now or later on. If there are any merchants that can share their experience with various ABW advertising options that would be great.

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