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    How important is the team behind a product?

    I would like to ask...Do experienced affiliates look into the quality of the management/leadership of a company offering affiliate/mlm programs?

    how important is the management/leadership team?



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    Absolutely. Who is managing an affiliate program is a pretty important factor.

    If I have four different affiliate managers contact me about their affiliate programs, and one is a well known, ethical OPM that I've worked with before, two are people I don't know (or "The Affiliate Team"), and one is an OPM that I know works with toolbars, trademark poachers, and other scum, who do you think I'm going to consider first?

    It's certainly not the only factor and maybe not even the most important one, but many times there isn't much difference in the other factors (commission, return days, price, selection, etc.) so it becomes the deciding factor.

    The other thing is that a good OPM or affiliate manager will know exactly what affiliates need and what will motivate them. A less experienced one will take more time to work with, because they might not have everything we need (good datafeeds, images, coupons, a good converting site, deep linking, etc.).

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