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    How to choose an affiliate network as a merchant?
    Hi everyone, my name is Lori. I own a small shop that caters to woman, teens and girls. I sell accessories such as hair bows, scarves, hats, mittens and stuff like that. I have been selling for a few years online @ marketplace sites, but I know that if I'm exposed to a larger audience, my sales could enormously increase.

    I'm considering networks such as: eBay enterprise, share a sale and link connector. I'm nervous to pay an upfront start up fee, and monthly commitment without knowing if it will be difficult to find affiliates within the network who would want to advertise a new brand.

    If anyone can offer advice, I'd appreciate it.
    Nice to meet you all.


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    Welcome Lori! Good for you, that you want to grow online, and you're being very wise to study your options first. Being a new brand doesn't have to be an issue, if you have other things in order.

    Here are a couple of things to think about, because these will effect your affiliate program:
    1. What is your conversion rate? Needs to be high enough to appeal to affiliates
    2. What is your average order value?
    3. Do you have enough margin to pay a commission to the affiliate, plus an override to the network?
    4. Have you checked out your competition online in the affiliate world? What are they paying as a commission? How long are their cookies? Is their datafeed well constructed? Can you be competitive to their commission?
    5. When choosing a network, see what other programs are on there too - are there others who might likely attract similar affiliates to your target profile?
    6. Do you intend to run the program yourself, or might you consider hiring an Outsourced Program Manager (OPM)? One of their responsibilities would be to find affiliates within the network for you.
    7. See how much the network is willing to help you with recruitment. What tools/support do they offer to help you?

    Hope that gives you a place to start. Keep asking questions, and we'll be glad to keep helping you!

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