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    Rules of the ABestWeb Forum: 6_3_14 Revision
    Rules of the ABestWeb Forum: 6_3_14 Revision:

    1. The Forum Mission and the Duties of Members:

    A. The Mission of the Forum is as follows: To serve the affiliate marketing community by providing ever-increasing information and benefits to an expanding community, by and for the community.

    B. By joining the Forum, members agree to the Mission statement, and that Forum activity will, first and foremost, be aimed at furthering the Mission for the benefit of the community, and not for the purpose of self-promotion, with the following exceptions:

    1) Members, after a set number of posts, will receive the right to add a signature to their posts. Signatures shall be created and maintained according to the following mandatory guidelines:

    a) Signatures shall not be greater than three lines of text (unless a specific exception is made upon a showing of good cause);
    b) Signatures may contain links to sites or blogs, though links to adult sites or blogs, or to sites or blogs deemed to be offensive in the sole discretion of the Administrators and/or Moderators, shall not be included, and signatures shall not contain affiliate links;
    c) Signatures shall not include images, other than Forum-provided smilies, and shall not include text deemed to be written with the intent of keyword stuffing;
    d) Inactivity may result in the loss of signature rights. Any member who does not post for a 180-day period is subject to the loss of their signature, Upon a member's resumption of activity and new postings, signature rights may be restored upon request.

    2) Members shall not include in their posts links to their own sites or blogs, with the exception that on occasion members may post such links to specific articles or images if they are necessary or helpful to the context of a post that has as its primary purpose beneficial information being conveyed to the community. Should a member be determined to have taken advantage of this exception and posted an excessive number of links to their own sites or blogs or if a member is deemed to have posed such links for the purpose of self promotion rather than for the purpose of providing information beneficial to the community, then such links may be removed by the Administrators and/or Moderators without notice and at their discretion. Links to a member's own sites or blogs may also be posted in accordance with the exceptions described in item 3, as follows.

    3) The Forum provides many opportunities for promotion through paid advertising. All members are entitled to take advantage of such opportunities for the separate purpose of promoting businesses that they own, that they are employed by, or with which they maintain contractual relationships authorizing them to purchase such advertising. No unpaid advertisements, solicitations, or promotions are allowed, except as from time to time may specifically be allowed in designated sub-forums and/or threads, and any material posted in violation of this rule is subject to removal without notice and at the discretion of the Administrators and Moderators. No recruitment for any merchant program is allowed other than through the methods described in Sec. 1.B.3).

    C. Under no circumstances may members post obscene or hurtful material, including but not limited to material that is intolerant or discriminatory as to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious preference, nor may they post threats of violence. The determination that such postings are in fact obscene or hurtful, or that they contain threats of violence under this provision lies in the sole discretion of the Administrators and/or Moderators and shall be removed without notice.

    D. .Under no circumstances may members post material that infringes copyright, including Warez or hacked material. Such material shall be removed at the discretion of the Administrators and/or Moderators without notice.

    E. Members further agree that as the Mission of the Forum is one dedicated to the furtherance of the affiliate marketing industry and the Forum community, that posts shall not include material of a political nature, unless directly related to and relevant to an understanding and/or explanation of affiliate marketing related issues, and further that members shall post no text or graphics that include snide political comments that may be considered derogatory to any established political viewpoint and that are tangential to an industry discussion and meant to either make a political point or to incite others.

    F. Members shall post no comments derisive, personally insulting to, or accusatory of other members or of Forum ownership or stewardship, pertaining to past policies, to personnel, or to management decisions. Reasonable discussions concerning new and current policies and management decisions, without vitriol, invective, derision, or insult, are permissible.

    G. Members shall post no material with the intent of or that in fact serves the purpose of recruiting Forum members for a different forum.

    H. Alias accounts impersonating an existing Forum member are not allowed. Screen names determined, as in the sole discretion of the Administrators or Moderators to be offensive, are prohibited and if found, will be removed. A new registration by previously banned members is prohibited. Multiple accounts on a single computer are not allowed. More than one individual may not share a single account. The posting of another Forum member's real name if not used by that member as their screen name or that otherwise has not previously been commonly used by that member, is prohibited. The posting of another Forum member's site name, URL, or other personal information without the knowledge and consent of that member and done in bad faith is prohibited and subjects the offending member to a permanent ban.

    I. Members shall not post any claim of action against any other member, sub-forum owner or operator, or site advertiser, and any posts made containing such are subject to edit or deletion at the sole discretion of the Administrators and/or Moderators, without notice. Repeated violations will subject the member to penalties.

    J. Special Rules for Newbies - New members are considered "Newbies" until they reach a fixed number of posts. Until that time, certain restrictions apply as follows:

    1) Signature and Private Messaging rights are not granted until that set number of posts is reached. At the sole discretion of the Administrators, such rights may be granted sooner;

    2) Newbies may not post links, with the exception that links to third-party published articles relevant to the affiliate marketing industry and related issues or otherwise of interest to broad segments of the community may be posted, within reason. The relevance of such links and the reasonableness of such postings lies in the sole discretion of the Administrators and/or Moderators, and upon their determination that such links do not fall under this exception, they may be removed without notice. Live email addresses are considered links.

    3) Newbies may not post images other than Forum-provided smilies.

    [INDENT][INDENT]4) Newbies who misrepresent their location of residence are subject to immediate and permanent ban at the sole discretion of the Administrators and/or Moderators.

    2. Moderation:

    A. Administrators and Moderators may, at their discretion, edit, move, or delete posts or threads, upon reasonable cause, and they may in good faith restrict site access when deemed appropriate.

    B. As the Forum contains several private sub-forums, it is the stated policy of the Forum that posts made in any private sub-forum will remain private and at no time will such posts be moved to an area of public access.

    C. Historical posts and threads will not be edited or deleted. Previously stated policy statement: "If ABestWeb rank’s well for specific keywords or domain(s) it is because a search engine thinks it is relevant."

    D. Public second guessing of the actions of the Administrators and Moderators is discouraged. If a member feels that an action taken was inappropriate or undeserved, contact the Administrator by PM or email, or send a message through the Forum "Contact Us" page.

    3. Penalties:
    Violations of any of the above may result in a warning or a temporary ban, and repeated or egregious violations, as determined in the sole discretion of the Administrators and/or Moderators, may result in a permanent ban. Newbies who are determined to have joined the Forum for the intended purpose of spamming will be immediately and permanently banned. If a member has received a ban they believe was due to an error or mistake, they may contact the Forum and request that the ban be reviewed. A single request for review is all that is necessary and it will be considered in a reasonable time. Repeated contacts deemed to constitute harassment of the Forum, its Administrators, Moderators, or members will be treated as violations of law and will be reported to the appropriate authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

    By adding your first post on the Forum on or after 12:01 a.m. on June 4, 2014, each current member is then deemed to have accepted the above rules and agrees to all terms and conditions contained herein, and also to iNET Interactive’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All new members must affirmatively agree to accept the above rules and agree to all terms and conditions contained herein and to iNET Interactive’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If there is any conflict between iNET Interactive’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and the Forum rules, iNET Interactive’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy shall apply.
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