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    the Best Laid plans .....
    I had a lot planned for today, and I apologize for being scarce much of the day, but this problem has taken up most of the day, and it looks like I might have to rebuild the site.

    Anyway, I did have time to finally decide on a slightly shorter user name.
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    Don't worry Phil, we know the score : - )

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    I've been hoping to hear it got all straightened out. Sorry to read about the worst case problems.

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    Ouch! That would definitely make for a bad day... Hope you have it all resolved.

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    I can relate to unexpected problems. And they never seem to come at a good time.

    I like the new username! The old one was definitely a bit unwieldy.
    Michael Coley
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Kaufman aka AffiliateHound View Post

    Anyway, I did have time to finally decide on a slightly shorter user name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelColey View Post

    I like the new username! The old one was definitely a bit unwieldy.
    it could have been worse, like the female version of AffiliateHound, AffiliateB....
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