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    Are there any Real Customer Support Officer on CJ?

    I have a pending issue which is almost half a year now and is still unresolved.

    The TICKET SYSTEM automatically closes the ticket after having no update from ME or the customer support for 72 hours. EVEN if the issue is still unresolved.

    I have to re-open another ticket in order to get an update and i have to refresh the new staff of the case.

    This is ABSOLUTELY counter productive.

    Are there any REAL support who is willing to resolve an issue and will not just automatically close my ticket even if the issue is still unresolved?

    I am willing to give ticket numbers to a verified customer support. I can email too if the email system is still supported by real people with intention to give real help.

    Who else has this same issue with their Brilliant Customer Ticketing System. ?
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    what is the issue you're talking to them about?

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    Recommend calling their general number, asking for support then staying on them until you get it resolved: Our Offices | Commission Junction US

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