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    Pay per lead

    Do you know if click bank deals with pay per lead?

    If not which network do you recommend?

    I have a site in the fitness space and mostly interested in relevant audience subscribers to our newsletter



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    So you are the merchant and are looking for affiliates to drive consumers to your newsletter sign-ups?

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    Yes. Exactly!

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    And I'm not really a merchant .... I'm an affiliate my self (not yet affiliating though focusing on building audience now).

    I have a very specific target audience (fitness / bodybuilding) and I'm thinking about using ppl as another medium (in addition to smm: SEM ; SEO).

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    Be careful paying per "lead" for newsletter signups. With the wrong affiliates, you'll get thousands and thousands of signups, but they will have ZERO interest in your newsletter. And you'll attract plenty of those wrong affiliates.
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    I asked Clickbank that question myself, here's their answer:

    Thank you for your inquiry! A CPA Nerwork would improperly promote ClickBank as a pay per click site. We are a retail store, and commissions are issued per sale, not by click. You can promote products as an affiliate for sales commission, but not sign up with ClickBank to get paid per click.

    Not totally clear since they mention CPC! however I took their answer as 'No we dont....'

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