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    Buying Traffic for CJ
    Hello @ all,

    i want to know. I don't want to ask cj. Because i don't know its legit!

    For example:

    I make a text l i n k for a product. With 3 Month EPC. And send 10.000 paid views to this text l i n k. Per 100 clicks i earn $10. The Views are not bots, its organic traffic! Get i than $1.000 or the money for every real view? Or say CJ, you are cheating / scamming, we close your account!

    It is legit to send paid organic traffic to the text l i n k? Its not banner ads or simmilare. Its a textl i n k that i give a person, and he send the traffic of this l i n k (sorry for my english).

    I understand it so, per 100 clicks, i earn $10 (for example).

    My next question are. We take the example $10 for 100 clicks/views, than i have the opportunity of a Lead for $100. I am a beginner on CJ i don't understand. If of the 100.000 clicks sing in, i earn per sing in $100 too? Or only the epc?

    And how i use the 3-Months EPC and not the 7 Days EPC?

    Ok i hope you understand me and help me.



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    Ask CJ.
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    The network EPC is just the average of the affiliates in that program. If you send worthless traffic that doesn't convert, you get nothing. And the merchant's EPC drops. And they probably terminate you. Don't waste your time.

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    No one gets paid in CJ for sending them clicks :-) You get paid if someone actually makes a purchase of a product or service. You can buy and send a million clicks to CJ and still make no money.

    I think you got confused by the EPC terminology. Earning per Click of 10cents doesn't mean CJ pays you 10c per every click you send their way. It's just a historical data to give you an idea of how a merchant converts. You get paid based on payout being offered by a merchant. And payout varies from merchant to merchant, not all merchants have the same payout.
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