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    It's all about the timing...
    I wrote this in my private affiliate forum and thought I'd share it with the ABW community...

    I've used the term "timing" a lot, as of late.

    There are patterns in everything - the Google is no exception. I have seen algo updates/releases, crawling, SERP updates - all these fit in our production. Or, rather, we fit in It's schedule.

    NOW is the time to be updating your sites with a vengeance - during the Dog Days of Summer. Why? Because the Google is going to drop their annual pre-holidays bomb on us after the Back-to-School shopping season gearing up for a cleansing/reorganization of the SERPs before the Christmas shopping season. Has happened year, after year, after year.

    Retailers, and now etailers, live for the Christmas season. For many it's a make or break shopping period that dictates if they made a profit for the entire year. Yep - a few short months dictates an entire year.

    We should always be gearing up the Christmas season. Not necessarily saying get your holiday decorations up (on your sites) today - but should be done by end of August. Also, new merchants/products need to get added during this time frame - and very little should be done after the end of September.

    Granted, not everyone markets the same way - by listing hundreds of merchants and 100s of thousands, if not millions, of products. Some affiliates still write "blog posts" about merchants and products. Personally I find this difficult to do, and market - to me, it's more of an uphill battle.

    So when adding new merchants/products you should break out your calendar and start adding those merchants/products NOW in order of the upcoming shopping seasons. Starting with Back to School. This way, the merchants/products are up and all you need to do is concentrate on the sales items, coupons, current banners, and MARKETING your site.

    Really is all about the timing...
    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    Awesome Article Today Convergence!
    Just wanted to say I loved the post on perfect timing.

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    Well Done Convergence - A very good article, it seems to be following me as a reminder to get busy.

    It is all about timing in this industry. Plan well in advance.

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