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    Travel Affiliates: Do You Promote Airport Advisories?
    It seems that whenever I arrive at an airport, there is some sort of construction going on, sometimes construction that is more than just an inconvenience, sometimes it can really effect whether or not a traveler will miss a flight.

    At LAX, there has been a large-scale terminal renovation for ages, but that is only an inconvenience. Much more serious is today's announcement that a major intersection that is at one of the few entryways into the airport will be closed for three days next month to remove an old bridge, making way for a rapid transit extension.

    Do any of you travel affiliates provide such advisory content? Would that be worthwhile? I would think that you can earn some loyal and repeat site visitors if your site is where that can find this type of information for a variety of airports.

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    Interesting idea. Even providing links on where to get the information by specific airports could be of value.

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    It would definitely need to be something localized. I wouldn't care about construction in Memphis, Yuma or Minneapolis, but locals (especially frequent travelers) in those area would.

    Perhaps something more like a wiki or a forum would work best? Think something like a social version of GateGuru (a nice app).

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    In a word, NO!
    I have been selling hotel reservations online for 14+ years but have never had success with air ticketing. One of our two (main) niche destinations is a drive-in beach resort and the other is served by one airport, ten miles from the city center. That airport, Baltimore Washington International does a good job with announcements on their BWIAirport site, That, along with road signage and local Radio and TV travel announcements seem to take care of the "obstructions." The State of Maryland also had a good website for road congestion and warnings for short and long-term projects - including a large assortment of live-view traffic cams.

    With that said, if I were to ramp up to try "air" again, I could likely include a page with annotated links to those local resources. I agree with Michael that it would be most useful to have "local" coverage.
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