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    Corporations w/ Multiple Brands and Mirrored Websites
    One thing that I find difficult to wrap my brain around is when a company that has multiple store names/chains, has one universal website design for all of them and the same promotions.

    Take for example the Bon-Ton "family of stores" that includes Carson Pirie Scott, Parisian, Bergner’s, Elder-Beerman, Younkers, Boston Store and Herberger’s. The only difference in each store's website is the URL. All of the promotions are the same for each site. I don't receive their product listings, but I would bet those are also all the same.

    I understand setting up umbrella-type programs, like for example Gap/Old Navy, etc. I also (kind of) understand how Sears, KMart, Land's End merchandise is cross-referenced in search on all the sites. But what I don't really understand is the value of having an affiliate program set up with separate programs for each name/chain, but each one mirrors the other.

    I don't know how to go about promoting that kind of set up. How do you handle it?

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    They actually convert very well, surprisingly enough.

    They're brands are well known regionally - shoppers from those areas tend to migrate to the brand they recognize.

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    Interesting. Regional popularity does help explain it. I guess you could rewrite the descriptions so that each one would be different. Wouldn't want to be penalized by the big G for having duplicate content.

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