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    What is the best way for a "newbie" to get started in the forum? I want to ask questions in the area of business that I want to focus upon. I'm looking forward to meeting people who enjoy passing along the "how to, and where to " of the Affiliate Marketing Industry.



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    Hi Robert. Being that you are new in affiliate marketing, you might find it beneficial to start looking around at all the information that is here. I would start with the forum with articles and discussions for those new to business.

    I hope this helps.

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    this is also my question. thanks for asking. ill subscribe to this thread.

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    As you keep reading more and more, you'll build a foundation of knowledge. From that base you'll be able to ask good solid questions that are specific to the area of the industry you want to pursue. Having that basis is a great way to start, so read, read, read!
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